Samsung NZ84F7NC6AB 4-Zone Induction Hob

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2 Years Warranty Parts & Labour

  • 80cm wide, 4-zone
  • Bevel-edge
  • 4 Direct Select Sliding Controls
  • 1-15 Power Level with Booster function
  • 1 x Large 280mm zone 3.6kW
  • Dimensions W x H x D:  800 x 56 x 520 mm



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80 cm Wide Width
Never again worry about cramped cooking quarters. Big pots and wide pans are no problem with the 80-centimenter wide Neo Induction Cooktop, which offers an expansive surface for all of your cookware needs. This large cooktop landscape means you won’t have to shuffle cookware around as you create multiple dishes.

Worry-Free Cooking with Quick Stop
Minimise accidents immediately with the Quick Stop function on the Neo Induction Cooktop. Turn off burners with the simple touch of your finger to stop pots from boiling over or pans from burning. Should you need to leave the kitchen, the Quick Stop function ensures you can safely walk away, worry-free.

Big Burner
The central cooking zone on the Neo Induction Cooktop boasts a Big Burner, designed to easily accommodate large pots. Ideal for one-pot meals and cooking for a crowd, it allows you to quickly boil water for pasta, simmer savory soups to perfection, and cook your secret chili recipe with ease.

Any Dish Flexible Cooking Area
The Samsung Neo Induction Cooktop features the flexible AnyPlace Zone – a large rectangle-shaped surface on the left side of the cooktop that is specially designed to accommodate multiple pots and pans of varying shapes and sizes at once. It is also flexible enough to handle large cookware.

Easy Slide Controls
The intuitive Sliding Control user interface on the Neo Induction Cooktop allows you to instantly master cooking temperatures with a convenient display panel for maximum control. Simply touch and glide your finger across the control panel to precisely set or adjust the heat level of each cooking zone.

Perfect Pan Detector
When placing cookware centrally on each cooking zone, the Auto Pan-Detection feature on the Samsung Neo Induction Cooktop determines if the diameter and size is suited for the zone. Should your selected pot or pan cover less than 60 percent of the zone, this smart cooktop detects an error and alerts you with a message to select another cookware option.

Cook Food Faster
Save time and energy with the Power Boost function on the Neo Induction Cooktop. This features makes additional power available to each cooking zone for a quick boost of heat that will cut down on overall cooking time. Now you can boil water for pasta or heat a large pot of soup faster that ever before.

Key Features

  • 80 cm Wide Width
  • Worry-Free Cooking with Quick Stop
  • Big Burner
  • Any Dish Flexible Cooking Area
  • Easy Slide Controls
  • Perfect Pan Detector
  • Cook Food Faster

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Samsung NZ84F7NC6AB 4-Zone Induction Hob

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