About Us


Sound Machine was established in 1991 and is a reputed organization specializing in the distribution and retail of consumer electronics, mobile, IT, home appliances and convergence products. Sound Machine constantly strives to evolve its product and service offering in a sustainable and responsible manner. This process has seen the organisation evolve from a one-store, one-brand distribution house, to a portfolio of world-class International brands and retail stores, including brand boutiques.

Sound Machine has proudly distributed Samsung Electronics in Malta for numerous years, offering Maltese consumers cutting-edge and industry-leading technology. The company has also been entrusted with the distribution of reputed brands such as Hisense, Candy, Barazza, and OMB Brackets. This portfolio allows us to meet the requests of our clients by offering a wide array of solutions and reaching different budgets.

Sound Machine has established strong relationships with the majority of consumer retail businesses by virtue of the distribution of the products offered by our overseas partners. This process has seen the company work closely with our resellers to continuously grow together. Sound Machine has also been entrusted with the implementation of industry-leading solutions by a vast array of corporate clients participating in the hospitality industry, the healthcare industry, the real estate industry, the operation of retail outlets, the education sector, and Government, among others.

A dedicated company offers efficient after sales support to our customers through a dedicated, trained and specialised technical team. The service centre continuously strives to assist our customers in a timely and effective manner by using original parts and comprehensive repair processes.

Sound Machine continues to operate through a seamless logistical process on a daily basis, striving to deliver on its core objective – customer satisfaction. Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at Sound Machine.


Our Outlook for the Future:

Our philosophy is to continue improving the lives of the people around us, by empowering them to invest in products, services and experiences that will ease their minds, fill their hearts and feed their souls. Sound Machine’s vision is also to expand beyond its borders.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

At Sound Machine, Corporate Social Responsibility is extremely close to our hearts. Over the years, we have made it our objective to contribute to the local community in a variety of ways, whether it is through funding or the donation of resources to a wide array of foundations including the Marigold Foundation, Puttinu Cares, and the Malta Community Chest Fund.


Our Promise:

At Sound Machine, we are committed to strengthen our position as catalysts for technological innovation and advancement across the Maltese islands. Sound Machine vows to keep making a positive impact in the quality of life of its customers by providing cutting-edge technology that is both accessible, reliable and affordable.

Sound Machine values its business relationships and is devoted to continuously seek out potential partnerships while simultaneously strengthening existing partnerships, allowing the organisation to nurture further growth in an organic, mutual and sustainable way.