Candy CS149TXME-S Washing Machine, 9Kg 1400rpm


When it comes to your family’s well-being, there should be no compromises. Whatever your cleaning needs, Smart Inverter washing machines will take care of it.

Enhance your washing experience

*Interaction with the product is only enabled by Android smartphones equipped with compatible NFC technology.

The right advice for a perfect laundry

Simplify your laundry with the new guided washing function! Choosing the program that’s right for you has never been easier: just follow a few steps. Enter information such as fabric, colour, level of dirt and any stains, and the app will suggest the best cycle and the parameters to start it. Furthermore, you will have access to useful tips for washing and the use of detergents, and explanations on the meaning of the symbols on the labels!

Save money and energy

Compliant with the New Energy Label, this washing machine is in class A. Compared to one in class G, it reduces consumption by at least 51%, allowing you to save energy, money and respect the environment.

Keep everything under control

Thanks to My Statistics you can see which programs you use the most and learn how to optimize your washing habits.

Enhance your washing experience

Candy washing machines are equipped with Smart Touch proximity technology that allows you to improve your washing experience. You will be able to access additional functions, receive useful advice for more efficient use of your appliance and have access to a troubleshooting guide, directly from your smartphone.

* For IOS technology, interaction with the product is compatible from version 12.2

Extend the life of your washing machine

The Smart check-up function offers simplified management of your washing machine for greater efficiency over time. It informs you about the status of your appliance by monitoring its health and in the event of an error or malfunction, the smart guide will help you identify the solution yourself.

Find the cycle that fits your needs

The Smart Cycles function allows you to download the cycle that best suits your lifestyle and provides additional programs to take better care of all your clothes.

Save time

Candy Smart Inverter machines offer a complete set of quick cycles, from 14 to 59 minutes, designed to meet your daily washing needs. Versatile, fast and reliable, these machines are the best solution for saving time and money.

Maximum effectiveness against stains

The new Active Motion technology enhances the cleaning action of the detergent by increasing the rotation speed of the drum on several levels, allowing you to improve washing results, saving time and reducing machine vibrations.

Silent and efficient

The Silent Inverter system has made Candy washing machines durable and efficient. They are equipped with a new generation long life, highly effective motor which allows our machines to run silently at just 51 dBA.



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