Samsung NK36M7070VB Wall Mounted Hood

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2 Years Warranty Parts & Labour

  • High performance
  • Booster function
  • Aluminum filters
  • LED display

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It quietly refreshes the air

An efficient ventilation system

In order for the place where the dishes are prepared to be friendly and conducive to health, proper ventilation is necessary. This is why the extremely quiet ventilation system with the Booster function will refresh the air in the blink of an eye. This system, with a suction power of 729 m3 / h, quickly and quietly eliminates water vapor and kitchen vapors and odors.

Smooth and stylish

Premium design

The elegant design harmonizes with other kitchen appliances, which together create a modern and stylish decor. Slim profile and attention-focused graphite stainless steel harmonize with the style of other Samsung products, creating a perfectly matched whole.

Always perfectly clean

Easy-to-clean aluminum filter

A durable and easy-to-clean aluminum filter protects the fan and extends engine life by trapping grease and dust before they plug the engine or restrict airflow. The filter needs cleaning no more than once every 3-4 weeks. This is not a problem, because this filter is not only adapted to washing, but also easily fits in the dishwasher.

It shines even brighter

LED lighting

Excellent LED lighting evenly distributes light throughout the entire space of the plate, making all the dishes prepared are perfectly visible. In addition, such lights consume less energy and last much longer. They allow you to save on electricity bills and replacement costs for light bulbs.

Additional information




Black glass

Number of power levels

3 + Booster

Volume (Boost On)

73 dBA

Filter type

Aluminum grease with the possibility of cleaning


Dual LED 2x 2.5 W

Volume (Type.)

68 dBA

Weight (net)

23 kg

Samsung NK36M7070VB Wall Mounted Hood

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