Brilliant and lasting colors with Quantum Dot


Intense colors


Quantum HDR enhances detail and contrast, for image quality at the highest levels. Going beyond class-leading standards, HDR10 + ‘s dynamic tone mapping brings to life deeper blacks, more vibrant images and ever-brilliant detail.



* Quantum HDR brightness data is based on internal testing standards and is subject to variation depending on your viewing environment or specific conditions.


A billion shades of color with Quantum Dot

Quantum Dot technology delivers the most beautiful images ever. With 100% color volume, Quantum Dot captures light and transforms it into stunning colors that retain all their realism at every brightness level.


* 100% color volume measured in Movie Mode and DCI-P3 color space, certified by VDE.


Each scene has its own color


The Dual LED backlighting technology adjusts the chromatic tone to best adapt it to the displayed contents and give a reproduction as faithful as possible to the original.



* Not available in Q60A 32 “


Faster, smarter 4K processor


The powerful Samsung processor optimizes the audio quality based on the displayed content, while the sophisticated upscaling system gives all your favorite content a 4K resolution.


Virtual audio synchronized with the action

3D surround sound paired with virtual top channel audio will give you a fully immersive sound experience.


TV and soundbar in perfect harmony


Immerse yourself in perfectly harmonized sound: thanks to Q-Symphony, TV and soundbar speakers work in unison for an enhanced sound effect, without the need to mute the TV speakers.
* Q-Symphony is only available with compatible soundbars. Check the compatibility of Q-Symphony in the product specifications of the soundbar.


Audio calibrated according to your content


The Adaptive Sound function uses Audio Scenic Intelligence technology to optimize the sound according to the type of content, through a real-time analysis of the scene.


Elegant and subtle like never before

A slim design like never before in this category, for a TV perfectly integrated into your environment.



The height you prefer


Expand the space by adjusting the height of your TV stand to suit your surroundings.
* Not available on Q60A 32 ‘


Smooth movements for clear images

Sharp images and top performance thanks to automatic frame analysis and compensation based on the content source.


Change the rules of the game


With a 21: 9 and 32: 9 screen you have all the viewing area you need to maximize the gaming experience and win every challenge. Optimize your game with Game Bar, a menu that lets you make real-time changes like screen ratio, slow inputs, FPS, HDR, wireless headphone settings, and more.


“* Super UltraWide GameView is only available for games with ultra wide support and PC games. * Some games may not support this feature or be limited in use. * You may need to change the screen resolution from an external device. * Not available in Q60A 32 ‘. “


Immediate responsiveness to commands


Get into the action in real time with Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM): technology optimizes the screen to give you more control with a barely noticeable delay in signal reception. Live a gaming experience in its most engaging form without blur and judder phenomena.


* Low input lag data is based on internal testing standards and is subject to variation depending on game settings or specific conditions.


Work and study from home

Discover all the possibilities at your disposal: easily access your PC, laptop and mobile phone from your TV.

* Remote PC connection is only supported for Windows 10 Professional or later and Mac OS 10.5 or later. * Connecting smartphone with Samsung Dex requires a compatible mobile device. * The availability of services is subject to change without notice. * Internet connection on TV and PC required. * Tap View is available on Samsung Galaxy devices running Android version 8.1 and above.


One screen for a complete view


Watch TV and mobile content simultaneously and on the same screen. Whether it’s live match scores or video tutorials for your gaming challenges, just plug in your phone in multiscreen mode like never before.


* Smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems are supported. Please refer to the support page for details on compatible mobile devices.

One-touch connection


Viewing movies or video clips on the TV screen from your mobile phone is very simple: by touching the TV with the phone, the TV system recognizes the smartphone and automatically starts mirroring. Keep watching your content on TV – it’s quick and easy!


* Tap View is available on Samsung Galaxy devices running Android version 8.1 and above. * Not available on Q50A 32 ‘model


Control your favorite devices


Let your TV automatically detect, instantly connect and intuitively present all nearby devices. SmartThings not only supports mobile / cam / IoT / Smart devices, but also long-standing devices. Once connected, the devices can be easily controlled with the remote control.


* See the support page for details on compatible devices. * Device discovery via Wi-Fi is not currently supported and will be available following a future software update. * Use of SmartThings requires a valid Samsung account .

Talk and you will be satisfied


With voice control, everything becomes easier. Now you can quickly access your favorite content, get answers and even control your TV and other connected devices in the house. Just say what you want.


* Samsung may, at any time and in its sole discretion, modify, without prior notice or notice, the Services, as well as suspend and / or terminate the provision of the Services or any portion of the Services. The content, TV services and functionality described may not be available in all regions and territories. Service availability may not be available at the time of product purchase. * Bixby voice commands recognize English (US / UK), French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Korean. Not all accents, dialects and expressions are recognized. * Amazon, Alexa and all related marks and logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. * Google is a trademark of Google LLC.


Find the best content in an instant


A complete content list tailor-made for you: from TV broadcasters to streaming channels. Accessing your favorite content has never been easier; and you don’t even need to open an app.
* Feature availability and content services may vary by country and are subject to change without notice. Check before use.


Where there is health there is home


TV with new eco functionality for healthier lives. Track your workout with a webcam-based coaching feature, track your progress by syncing your results with the Samsung Health app, and access content from leading fitness and meditation partners all in one place.



* For best results, Smart Trainer requires a compatible webcam. Webcam sold separately. * Availability of service providers and their respective fitness content may vary by country and region. * Use of Samsung Health content may require additional payment * Availability of services is subject to change without notice. * User must be logged into their Samsung account on both TV and mobile device. * Synchronization of your health data requires a compatible mobile or wearable device that supports the Samsung Health app.