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VS60K6030KY PowerStick

SKU: VS60K6030KY.


  • EZClean cleaning
  • Self-standing
  • Accessory 2 in 1

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Product Features


Up to three times more powerful suction
cleaner!The appearance of the stick expressed a strong suction power.

21.6V boasts the strongest suction power of our combined wireless handheld stick vacuum cleaner fitted with high-capacity lithium-ion battery, and
to allow continuous cleaning up to 30 minutes to 3 hours rapid charge, you can clean every corner of your house clean, long, long time.※ up to 3 times IEC standards are based on the measurement of the suction power compared to stick with the existing model (VC-LSS94)
※ may by their experimental data standards vary and the actual use environment

EzClean brush to dust and
more convenient!The left side of the scene close-up image of separating the handy cleaner and dust. The right image is magnified this scene, remove the stick and brush cleaner brush.

EzClean brush dust and dirt is dirty, tangled hair, but also walk in hand
can be easy and convenient, clean and sanitary management.

Using a variety of applications
handy stick vacuum cleaner combined wirelessAnd the power is expressed on the left side appearance that the Mini Vac is detached from the main body of the stick vacuum cleaner, the right side is equipped with a Mini Vac, the shape and bristle brush to clean the window frames of dust into the Mini Vac equipped with a crevice brush shape for cleaning furniture this is an enlarged image is represented.

Spacious and clean, with a stick!
Clean cars and parts is a handy!
Sofa or window sill gap with built-in brush!
You can clean the corners neatly.

Remaining check and easy replaceable external and removable battery powerBattery is expanding scene.

You can easily check the battery level by adopting external battery meets the eye, immediately available in removable docking and charging status making it easy to replace.

Self-standing cradle that can be placed upright withoutThe right of the kitchen is a space that looks and look up the stick cleaner power expressed as an afterimage, the process of self-standing, left, the mother and child take out the dishes from the oven.

Or when urgent business that occurs during cleaning as self-standing ability to put up a separate cradle to leave, do not hold, it is convenient to hold even after cleaning.
Basic Specifications
  • Brush width 260 mm
  • power A button-type
  • Point Color Airborne
  • Dust capacity 0.25 ℓ
  • Battery Specifications Lithium-ion
  • Other Brush EzClean brush
  • The maximum noise 83 dBA
  • Cleaning Time 13/30 min
  • Charging time 180 min
  • Power Consumption 170 W
  • Rated voltage 220V, ~ 60Hz
  • Accessories 1 Niche intake
  • Accessories 2 Sol intake
  • Product dimensions (body, WxHxD) 260x1100x165 mm
  • Product Size (Gross, WxHxD) 281x694x181 mm
  • Net Weight (body only) 2.7 kg
  • Total weight (Gross) 4.3 kg
  • Exhaust filter has exist