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Samsung Microwave Grill with Ceramic Enamel, 23Liters


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  • Bacteriostatic ceramic enamel cavity that’s easy to clean and scratchresistant
  • Triple Distribution System for even and thorough cooking
  • Eco mode for power saving



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Energy Saving

Energy Saving

Eco Mode saves power even on standby mode. With a push of a button you’ll save money, power, and the environment.

Innovative distribution

Innovative distribution

At Samsung, we pride ourselves on improving every product we make with innovative technologies. Our Triple Distribution System ensures that everything from pizza to warm milk comes out perfectly prepared and delicious every time – thanks to three microwave distribution points. With our microwave ovens, you’ll consistently enjoy even and thorough cooking.

Luxurious Black Mirror DesignLuxurious Black Mirror Design

The Luxurious Black Mirror design will stand out in your kitchen and will match well with your stylish interior. The touch display design is easy to use. The display senses and tracks your finger, so input is simple and easy.

Ceramic inside

Ceramic inside

The Samsung Ceramic Enamel Interior has a durable and sanitary surface. The Ceramic Enamel prevents bacteria from spreading and is scratch and rust resistant than other microwave interiors. Enjoy the new interior even after long-term use.
General Information
  • Installation CMO
  • Capacity 0.8 cu.ft / 23 L
  • Heat Source Grill
  • Display Type LED
  • Control Method Membrane (STS look sheet)
  • Door Opening Type Push Button
  • Microwave Distribution Turntable
  • Cavity Interior Ceramic Cavity
  • Language Option No
General Feature
  • Various Cooking Mode No
  • Grill Heater Sheath
  • Max Cooking Time 99 minutes.99 seconds
  • More/Less Yes
  • Cooking Stages Yes
  • Weight/Serving Control Yes
  • One Minute/30 sec Plus 30 seconds+
  • Preheat No
  • Option No
  • Auto Cook Yes
  • Auto Steam Cook No
  • Sensor Cook No
  • Turntable On/Off No
  • Deodorizer No
  • Setting (My Choice)
  • Clock System Option (12H/24H) No
  • Sound Option No
  • Child Lock Yes
  • Reminder End Signal Yes
  • Others No
  • Energy Star Rating No
  • Rack Round Yes
  • Steam Cleaning No
  • Steam Cooker No
  • Power Steam Bowl No
  • Crispy Tray No
  • Rotisserie No
  • Cook Book No
  • Others No
  • Power Source 220V / 60Hz
  • Output Power (Max) 800 Watts
  • Power Consumption (Microwave) 1,200 Watts
  • Power Level 6
Physical Specification
  • Loading Quantity 20/40ft 380/785/906 Set
  • Weight Net 13kg
  • Gross 15kg
  • Dimension Cavity (WxHxD) 330 x 211 x 324mm
  • Outside (WxHxD) 489 x 275 x 355mm
  • Gross (WxHxD) 557 x 329 x 423mm