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Samsung No frost 303ltr fridge 132ltr freezer A++ 296kWh/annum


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  • Capacity: 435L
  • Energy Class: A + +
  • Extra Capacity



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Product Features


Designed to save energy and respect the environment

Designed to save energy and respect the environment

It preserves the food and respects the environment at the same time. New Refrigerators Combined GGH Samsung uses 20% less electricity than conventional models. cutting-edge technologies increase energy efficiency, including the innovative Digital Inverter compressor and LED lighting: energy savings, reduce greenhouse gases and lower your monthly electricity bill. These refrigerators are the perfect solution for those who are attentive to the hundredth, both for those who care about the environment.

Door shelves that can adapt to your tastes

Door shelves that can adapt to your tastes

Since your shopping list changes from week to week, Refrigerators Combined GGH Samsung are designed with four adjustable door shelves that allow you to easily and conveniently contain your spending. The boxes can be moved up or down to accommodate more or less tall bottles, while a deeper balcony may contain bulky bottles or cans pack.

Save energy and reduce noise, with a 10 year warranty

Save energy and reduce noise, with a 10 year warranty

Unlike conventional compressors, which turn on and off all the time, the Samsung Digital Inverter Compressor makes small corrections based on humidity levels and usage patterns. This helps to maintain a more even temperature, reduces the wear of the compressor to give a longer life, and keeps noise to a minimum. Stop worrying about the electricity bills too salty, with a 10 year warranty.

Intelligent cooling for maximum efficiency

Intelligent cooling for maximum efficiency

Designed to optimize the cooling performance of the refrigerator, the Smart Sensor system uses five sensors to monitor the temperature in your kitchen, the humidity level inside the refrigerator, and even your usage patterns, and then make the necessary changes. All you need to do is stock the fridge. It is also equipped with a sensor that warns you when the door is open for too long. Keep perfectly fresh food and reduce electricity bills.
  • Total Net: 473 l
  • Net capacity freezer: 132 l
  • Net capacity fridge: 303 l
Dimensions / Weight
  • Net Dimensions (WxHxD) 70 x 185 x 69 mm
  • Net weight 93 kg
Refrigeration technology
  • No Frost Premium (refrigerator, freezer)
  • Multi Flow (refrigerator, freezer)
  • Fuzzy Logic System with Temperature Sensors
  • 1 Evaporator
  • 1 compressor (inverter)
  • Automatic temperature control (sensor)
  • Control independent refrigerator / freezer
  • Type of Insulation  Cyclopentane

Refrigerator features

  • Vacation function Yes
  • vegetable drawer “Superfresco” Number of drawers 1
  • Zerogradi drawer 1
  • shelves Number of shelves 3 glass
  • door Shelves Number of balconies 5
  • bottles magazine 1
  • egg container

Freezer features

  • Features Power Freeze
  • Number of Drawers  4 EA
  • icemaker Twist ice maker
General characteristics
  • Door alarm
  • Making conservation 18H
  • Refrigerant R-600a
  • Compressor Digital Inverter Compressor
External Functions
  • Displays and controls (refrigerator and freezer) Electronic
  • Door handle Court
  • Color Platinum Inox
  • Drink dispenser no
  • acoustic door opening signaling Yes
  • Energy efficiency class A + +
  • noisiness 41 dBA
  • energy consumption 296 kWh / year