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cools quickly, with no air strikes.

The WindFree cooling technology allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature without the direct air jets. The cold air is distributed through 21,000 micro holes which diffuse only the air pleasure.

* The Beaufort scale defines “calm” a current of air at a speed of 0.3 m / s without the presence of air blows.

fast cooling

The Fast Cooling technology allows to cool quickly, so you can enjoy a cool climate in every corner of the room. Technology Digital Inverter 8 poles cools down 43% faster * and the triangular design distributes the air even further **.

App Smart Home

With Wi-Fi and Smart Home app * you can program your air conditioner and check all the features when you’re away from home. Also you can have a real-time feedback on its operation and monitor or limit energy consumption.

* Available on iPhone and Android devices. It requires a network connection. You also need a Samsung account.

Good Sleep Mode WindFree

The Good Sleep mode with WindFree Cooling create the right environment for a deep sleep, without the direct air jets. The temperature control helps to quickly fall asleep and wake up fresh and rested.


  • Capacity Std (Min-Max) 3.5KW
  • Absorption Std (Min-Max) 1060W
  • Energy Efficiency A++
  • Theoretical Thermal Load 3.5KW
  • Indicative annual energy consumption  201KWh/a
  • SEER (Cooling) Energy  : 6.100w/w



  • Capacity Std (min-Max) 3.5KW
  • Absorption Std (Min-Max) 940W
  • Energy Efficiency A+
  • Theoretical Thermal Load 2.2KW
  • Declared capacity 2.2KW
  • Indicative annual energy consumption 770KWh/a
  • SCOP (Heating) Energy : 4.0w/w


Indoor Unit

  • Dimensions (WxHxD)  828x267x265 mm
  • Weight 9.4Kg
  • Treated Air 8.9m3/min
  • Dehumidification Capacity  1.5L/hr
  • Sound Pressure Level  19/38dB
  • Sound Power Level 56dB


Outside Unit

  • Compressor Motor Digital Inverter
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 720x548x265 mm
  • Weight 27.6Kg
  • Sound Pressure Level  47dB
  • Sound Power Level 62dB



  • Traingle Design
  • Display Digital
  • Easy Filter
  • Compressor Twin Rotary
  • Smart Control
  • Single User Mode
  • 2 Step Cooling
  • Timer
  • Dehumidification Function
  • Automatic Vertical Flow Adjustment
  • Good sleep Function
  • Auto Clean Function
  • Windfree