Introducing Candy RapidÓ PRO, a connected front-loading washing machine that makes your life easier.

It is designed to save you time and effort, as it has the most complete set of 9 quick programs on the market and a smart automatic detergent dosing system that calculates the required amount of detergent. In addition, it is equipped with the Hygiene Plus program, which is ideal for the deep removal of allergens and odors , and the Steam Easy Iron Plus steam cycle , which is perfect for relaxing fibers and reducing wrinkles.

A world of connectivity features to make your everyday life easier

More than 60 washing cycles
Choosing the right washing program has never been so easy. With the Snap & Wash function , you can find out which program is best for the amount and color of your laundry by just taking a photo of the clothes.

Remote control
Open the Candy hOn app and access a list of more than 60 washing programs to suit all your laundry needs. Enjoy guided washing through the app: simply enter the type of laundry and fabric , degree of soiling and color , and the app will tell you which program is best , and you just have to start it!

More than 500 tips and hints
Since it is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily control your RapidÓ PRO with your smartphone, even when you are not at home. With the Candy hOn App, you can easily check the status of your laundry , access the latest washing programs, easily select programs from the entire range of fast cycles and fully control them remotely with just your smartphone .

Smart digital assistants
In the Candy hOn application, which contains more than 500 dedicated washing tips , you will find answers to all questions about detergent dosage , washing certain colors or fabrics, stubborn stains, maintenance and much more.

Real-time data
Would you like to know how much time is left until the end of the washing program? Nothing easier! Connect your washing machine with Amazon Alexa and Google Home . In just a few minutes you will be able to control your washing machine with your voice.

Statistics in real time
Data on the machine’s operation in real time allows you to check the status of the machine’s maintenance , prevent breakdowns and extend the machine’s life, and ensure excellent operation for years to come . The hOn app will advise you when to clean the filter , when to set the drum cleaning cycle, how to solve problems yourself and much more.

Saving time and effort with no less efficiency

9 quick programs
With the Speed-Drive inverter motor, you can reduce the washing time by up to 50% , and the washing results remain the best. In fact, Candy RapidÓ PRO has as many as 9 different fast programs , which are ideal for situations where you need to wash your laundry in less than an hour .

Steam treatment
Big news: there is a way to cut down on ironing time and eliminate unpleasant odors at the same time. Introducing the Steam Hygiene Plus* program, which is designed to reduce wrinkles , simplify ironing and remove odors and allergens through deep cleaning .

* tested and approved by BAF Authority (British Allergy Foundation)

Energy class
You no longer need to apply detergent directly to clothing stains for fast, effortless results. The Quick & Clean technology creates a concentrated mixture of clean water and detergent and sprays it directly onto the clothes, enabling quick and effective stain removal even with large loads of laundry.

Energy class
With the new Speed-Drive inverter motor, the RapidÓ PRO ensures excellent performance with high efficiency. In accordance with the new European legislation*, its energy efficiency class is A , which corresponds to the previous class A+++(-40/50%).

* valid from March 1, 2021



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Maximum Spin Speed

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