Samsung Chef Collection Compact Oven, 50L with Steam-cleaning NQ50J9530BS

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  • Maximum microwave power: 1000 W
  • Capacity: 50 litres
  • Oven temperature: up to 230°C
  • Flatbed design
  • Easy-clean enamel interior



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Twice as efficient and tasty

Dual fans spin in opposite directions to spread heat evenly throughout the oven. So the oven pre-heats rapidly and dishes are cooked quickly and thoroughly, giving the best taste from the first serving to the last.

Simply touch and cook

A 4.6″ Full touch TFT-LCD display offers a much simpler and easier way to cook. You can intuitively control functions and settings with the simple touch of your finger and get plenty of useful information.

Quickly cooks food deeply and evenly

Combination cooking includes a “stirrer” microwave that quickly cooks food evenly. It also features multiple heating systems, including a fan-assisted convection that circulates heat evenly, and grills add crispness.

Cooks much more, much larger

Has a massive 50 litre capacity, so you can cook much more or much larger food. You can prepare multiple dishes at once, like trays of cookies, or easily accommodate large items, like a big roast or holiday turkey.

Easily removes stubborn stains

Steam Cleaning lets you loosen and remove food particles and stubborn stains in the oven cavity easily. Simply fill the cup inside the oven with water and it quickly bathes the cavity, so residue can be wiped away.

Samsung Chef Collection Compact Oven, 50L with Steam-cleaning NQ50J9530BS

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