Candy CCE4T618EB Fresco Fridge-Freezer

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2 Years Warranty Parts & Labour

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 59.5 x 185.0 x 65.8 cm
  • Fridge: 222 litres / Freezer: 119 litres
  • Total No Frost Circle
  • Wifi Connectivity



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Candy CCE4T618EB Fresco Fridge-Freezer

Fresco is the brand new Candy combined refrigerator designed in Italy and available in different sizes to easily adapt to any type of kitchen. Thanks to the flexy system, you have the possibility to customize the interior according to your needs. Furthermore, with the hOn app, you can take full advantage of the refrigerator’s potential, both in WIFI-connected models and in those equipped with content-only apps.

Keep your food fresh up to 40%* longer, wherever you store it.
Thanks to Total No Frost Circle+ Technology, constant and homogeneous temperature, as well as humidity, are guaranteed on every shelf and corner of your refrigerator. Side airflow, coming from the side outlets, keeps food fresher for longer, wherever you keep it.

*Test results released by an independent external technical laboratory comparing a refrigerator with Total No Frost Circle+ technology to a refrigerator with direct flow technology.

Cools food and drinks faster
Whenever you need to quickly cool food and drinks, simply activate Super Freezing or Super Cooling and your fridge will reach the optimal temperature.

Keep fruits and vegetables at their best
Keep your fruit and vegetables in the best possible way, always with the right degree of humidity, thanks to the spacious Cool Box drawer with freshness control.

Select the right temperature
Adjust the temperature of your refrigerator from 2° to 8° and activate the Super Cool Function using the Internal Display.

Ergonomic and functional handle
The new ergonomic and functional handle matches the rounded edges of the door, giving the product a softer look and a better grip.

Reduces the proliferation of moulds
Reduce the proliferation of molds with Hygiene Gaskets, the special anti-mold treatment on fridge and freezer gaskets.

Flexible shelves and balconies
Move your shelves and balconies and enjoy up to 100 different combinations of internal layouts to better organize your fridge. Furthermore, thanks to the Total No Frost Circle+, which keeps the temperature and humidity uniform throughout the refrigerator, you can store your food wherever you want.

It reduces bacterial proliferation and prevents the formation of frost
Forget manual defrosting of your freezer! The new Total No Frost Technology prevents the formation of frost and ice inside the freezer drawers and on the walls, and prevents the proliferation of mold and bacteria by up to 94%.

*Test results released by an independent external technical laboratory comparing a Haier group refrigerator with Total No Frost technology with a Haier group refrigerator with Static technology.

Fast installation
Adapt your refrigerator to any kitchen layout thanks to the reversible doors.  A quick installation allows you to place the door hinges on both the left and right sides of the appliance.

Easily move your shelves
The glass shelves, thanks to their thickness, are extremely safe and resistant for storing your food. Their rounded and elegant design also makes them easy to clean by avoiding the accumulation of dirt in the crevices.

Reduce consumption up to 36%
Compliant with the New Energy Label, this refrigerator is in class E. Compared to a class G, it reduces consumption by up to 36%, allowing you to save energy, money and respect the environment.

A world of connected features
Why not make the most of the fridge? Download the hOn app and discover a complete set of connected features that simplify your daily life. Manage your home appliance remotely just using your smartphone and enjoy multiple features like Inventory Assistant, Smart Drink Assistant and much more.


Quick Specs:

  • Total No Frost Circle + technology
  • Super Cool and Super Freeze
  • Cool Box with freshness control
  • Internal display
  • Integrated handle
  • Anti-mould treatment
  • 100 different layout combinations
  • Total No Frost
  • Reversible door
  • Smart shelves
  • E class
  • Extra content via App

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Candy CCE4T618EB Fresco Fridge-Freezer

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