Redefining refrigeration

 The sleek new design blends well into contemporary living spaces, letting owners redefine refrigeration at home.

Precisely preserves original freshness

Triple Cooling + Precise Cooling

Keep food fresher for longer and preserve its natural flavor and taste. Triple Cooling independently controls the temperature and humidity in 3 compartments and prevents odors from mixing. Precise Cooling also minimizes any temperature fluctuation to preserve the quality and texture of food.

 The refrigerator’s four doors are wide open to display the different compartments of the fridge. The upper part is a fridge, while the bottom is divided into two sections. The bottom left side is a freezer, while the right side can be used flexibly as a fridge or freezer.

Flexibly preserve the freshness of food

Flexible Storage

Keep different foods fresh and tasty in the optimal conditions. The Cool Select+ is an independently controlled compartment with five pre-set modes: Freeze, Soft Freeze, Meat/Fish, Fruit/Veggies and Beverage. There’s also a Flex Crisper for meat or fish and a Crisper+ for fruit and vegetables.

 The Crisper+ drawer, in the upper left part of the fridge, is filled with different fruits, while Flex Crisper, in the upper right, is holding two seasoned steak. On the bottom right of the fridge is the Cool Select+, which has three pieces of salmon.

Timelessly simple and stylish design


Elevate the look of your kitchen with clean and clutter-free styling. It has a timelessly minimalist exterior, with strikingly beautiful flat doors and no external water dispenser. It also has recessed handles, with an antimicrobial coating* to protect them from degradation by microorganisms.

* The antimicrobial coating on the handle does not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses, germs, or other harmful organisms.

 The sleek exterior of the fridge gives a clean look to the modern kitchen, with a flat finish and no recessed handles.

Neatly store & easily find more food

Large Capacity

Neatly store much more food. A huge capacity* means there’s plenty of room in the fridge and freezer to store your grocery shopping. And it’s easier to keep everything neatly and efficiently organized. So you can quickly find and take out the things you need whenever you want.

* The capacity will vary in each model.

 The fridge's 4 wide open doors demonstrate the large capacity and efficiently organized layout for easier use.

Seamlessly stylish, easy access controls

Easy Access Control & Simple LCD Display

Enjoy a stylish and easy way to stay in control. The simple LCD display enhances the minimalist design of the front, so it blends into modern kitchens. The control panel is discretely hidden inside, but easily accessible by opening the door, as the controls are at eye level and in arm’s reach.

 The LCD control panel is placed in the bottom right inside the fridge. A hand touches a button on the control panel, which reads 3 degrees.

How to measure

Size measurements: Height 1,825mm, width 912mm, depth 723mm, depth with doors open at a right angle 1,093mm, depth without doors 610mm, install depth 773mm, width with doors open 1,472mm.

* All specifications provided herein may be different from the actual specifications.