Unique style and custom design

Bespoke – Customizable design

Create a kitchen with a unique and exclusive style thanks to the customizable design. Available in 6 materials: Satin Glass, Glam Glass, Clean Glass, Cotta Metal, Real Stainless and Steel Metal. Can be combined with various door colors *.

 Bespoke - Customizable design

* Available door colors are Satin Beige, Satin Sky Blue, Glam Lavender, Glam Peach, Glam Navy, Clean Black, Clean White, Cotta White, Cotta Beige, Cotta Sky Blue, Cotta Lavender, Real Stainless, Black Metal, Silver Metal. Other colors may be available in the future.

More interior space, same exterior depth

SpaceMax ™ technology

This extra large 390 liter refrigerator * offers superior internal capacity with a standard depth of 600mm, aligning perfectly with other kitchen cabinets. The highly efficient insulation of SpaceMax ™ technology allows you to significantly reduce the thickness of the walls, creating more space for food storage, without unsightly external protrusions.

 SpaceMax ™ technology

* Capacity of RB38A ** models with a height of 2030 mm.

It holds the cold to preserve freshness for longer

Metal Cooling

Preserve the freshness of food even if the door is opened frequently. The Metal Cooling panel positioned in the back wall allows to maintain an optimal internal temperature. It retains the cold and prevents cold air from escaping when the door is opened, quickly compensating for any heat loss when closing it.

 Metal Cooling

Keeps the original freshness 2 times longer

Optimal Fresh +

The Optimal Fresh + compartment can be used as a single drawer or divided into two zones with different temperatures. The left side is colder, so meat and fish can last twice as long *. The right side is ideal for preserving the freshness of fruit and vegetables.

 Two temperatures

* Tests conducted by Intertek on the RL38T775CSR and RB34K6252SS models, based on APC (Aerobic Plate Count) analysis of food samples after storage in test units. Applicable by setting the MAX mode. Results may vary based on the degree of freshness prior to storage, conditions of use and various other factors.