The Hisense pyrolytic oven is equipped with pyrolytic cleaning. Thanks to the door opening sensor, the ventilation is temporarily interrupted. The closing of the door is slowed down: it closes silently and without slamming. LED display and Touch controls.

Pyrolytic cleaning
Pyrolytic cleaning is the most efficient and advanced way to clean an oven.
Thanks to the high cleaning temperatures up to 500 ºC, the oven will be clean, free of grease and splashes. When the oven cools down, simply remove the ashes simply with a damp cloth.

A safer way to control the cooking of your food.
The door opening sensor momentarily interrupts the ventilation and switches off the heating elements of the oven, preventing hot air from hitting the face when the oven is opened to control the cooking of the food.

Slow door closing
Thanks to the hinges with slowed closing system, just a touch is enough to close the oven door which will close silently and without slamming.

Extraction of the trays on telescopic guides
Thanks to the telescopic guides it will be possible to remove the trays from the oven to check or turn the food in perfect stability and without the risk of scalding.
* The number of telescopic rails included varies by model.

LED user interface with Touch controls
Thanks to the large LED display with touch controls it will be possible to intuitively and easily access all the oven functions.


Technical data

  • Volume 63 L
  • Energy classification A +
  • Oven functions 11
  • Ventilation Present
  • Circular heating element Present
  • Touch controls
  • Push and pull knobs Present
  • Telescopic guides YES 2 LEVELS
  • Door opening sensor Present
  • Assisted preheating Present
  • Prirolytic cleaning Present
  • Internal equipment 2 dripping pans and 1 grill
  • Door type Ultra cool door – 4 glass
  • Slow closing door Present
  • Maximum electrical absorption (Watt) 3300 W
  • Net dimensions (WIDTH X HEIGHT X DEPTH) 597 x 595 x 547 mm
  • Packaging dimensions (WIDTH X HEIGHT X DEPTH) 635 x 691 x 680 mm
  • Net oven weight 42.0 Kg