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Steam cooking offers multiple benefits that will make foods not only tastier but also healthier and lighter. It guarantees the preservation of vitamins and minerals, the maintenance of the flavors and colors of the cooked food, the clear distinction of different aromas even between foods cooked together. The steam can also be used in combination (Low, Medium or High) with the other oven functions depending on the recipes to be made.

Hisense steaming oven

Sous-vide cooking

Thanks to the large 1.3 L tank and the steam generator, this oven is able to guarantee up to 80 minutes of 100% steam cooking. The temperature control with precision to the degree allows you to cook even under vacuum (Sous Vide) with extreme precision, just like in a professional kitchen.

vacuum cooking

Meat probe for perfect cooking

Thanks to the meat probe it is possible to check the temperature at the core of the food avoiding to continuously open and close the oven to check the cooking level of the dish and being sure of always obtaining perfect results.

meat probe ovens

Color user interface on TFT display with navigation Rotary Knob

The Hisense oven can become a real ally in the kitchen. In fact, the user can select up to 3 different cooking phases to be carried out in sequence to obtain perfect cooking of the food, crunchiness and taste.
Finally, Hisense offers a choice of over 70 preloaded recipes accompanied by images and sequential cooking steps.

Main Specifications

Below you will find all the technical details, such as dimensions etc.

73 L
A +
Energy rating
Steam powered
Cleaning type
Number of functions
595 x 595 x 546 mm


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