Candy RPW41066BWMR/1-S 10Kg/6Kg 1400rpm RapidÓ PRO Washer Dryer

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2 Years Warranty Parts & Labour

  • Capacity:  Washing 10kg / Drying 6Kg
  • Spin Speed: 1400 rpm
  • Snap&Wash
  • Inverter Speed-Drive Motor
  • Steam Hygiene Plus
  • Dimensions  (W x H x D): 60.0 x 85.0 x 58.0 cm



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Rapidó PRO

RapidÓ PRO is the fastest washing machine that saves you time with excellent washing results: powered by the innovative Speed-Drive motor and the Quick&Clean system you can wash a full load in just 39 minutes without losing performance. In addition, it presents the new Steam Hygiene Plus, the program tested and approved by the BAF Authority, which guarantees a deep cleaning of the fabrics.

hOn (RapidO’)

Get ready to revolutionize your life with the hOn App. As? It lets you choose from over 60 cycles designed for each type of fabric and provides helpful tips for stain removal and the right amount of detergent. Furthermore, it allows you to constantly monitor efficiency and consumption, giving suggestions on how to optimize them. You can also access the self-maintenance control to avoid breakdowns and extend the life of your machine, ensuring optimal performance for years to come. All this with the peace of mind of being able to manage and command the washing status from your smartphone at any time, even when you are not at home.

Easily find the ideal program

You can find out which cycle is most suitable for the amount, type and color of the laundry just by using your smartphone. Thanks to Candy RapidÓ’s unique Snap & Wash function, just take a picture of the laundry pile to get the best program faster. It also automatically sets the correct temperature and spin speed.

New Easy Iron Plus 39′ cycle

RapidÓ PRO has Easy Iron Plus 39′, the innovative program that, with the action of steam, can penetrate deep into your clothes, relaxing the fibers. With 3 different intensity levels, it also reduces creases, speeding up ironing time.

Save Time

Just choose from the set of 9 fast and efficient programs in less than 1 hour (14′, 29′, 30′, 39′, 44′, 59′) with the best results due to the Speed ​​Drive motor that increases up to 50% the washing action compared to the traditional engine.

Save time by getting perfect results

The Speed-Drive Inverter is an innovative and durable brushless motor. It is capable of increasing washing power by up to 50% (compared to a standard universal motor), while reducing energy consumption and annoying vibrations.

Perfect Hygiene

The exclusive Quick & Clean technology mixes water and detergent in a single highly concentrated solution. The device sprays the solution into the drum with a high-pressure jet, which penetrates deep into the fibers of the fabrics. This new technology increases the washing power of the detergent, thus lowering normal washing temperatures: you can obtain washing results from 40° to 20°, results from 60° to 40° and deeper cleaning for heavily soiled fabrics at 60 °.

Steam Hygiene Plus

RapidÓ PRO is equipped with Steam Hygiene Plus*, the program designed to reduce creases, simplify the ironing task and eliminate odors and allergens for a thorough wash. This innovative cycle can reach and maintain a temperature of 60° by combining steam with a powerful rinse, ensuring clothes are thoroughly clean and safe.* tested and approved by the BAF Authority

Unrivaled Comfort

To make your daily washing as easy as possible, the Candy RapidÓ is equipped with a higher and wider door. This new ergonomic design makes loading and unloading effortless and extremely easy.

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Candy RPW41066BWMR/1-S 10Kg/6Kg 1400rpm RapidÓ PRO Washer Dryer

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