WFVC6010E Washing Machine

Life Reimagined

WFVC6010E has a lot of functions, this washing machine is an excellent choice no matter how many people you are washing. From small occasional loads to larger, frequent loads, the spin speed of 1000 RPM, large load capabilities, the quick 15 minute wash, the unique snowflake drum and delay timer functions offer everything you need to keep clothes always fresh and ready to be used.

Drum Cleaning

The Hisense drum cleaning function allows you to keep the washing machine in top condition by performing a deep clean at 95ºC of the internal parts while at the same time eliminating viruses and bacteria.

*To avoid damage to clothes, the drum must be empty during the program.

High temperature wash

The washing temperature can reach 60 ~ 95 degrees Celsius, which can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses that can build up on clothes while reducing potential allergies.

15 washing programmes

We focus on creating premium washing machines that offer superior cleaning results and ease of use for your day to day. This product has 15 washing programs such as baby care, quick washing or drum cleaning.


This washing machine has the ability to automatically detect incorrect use or malfunction and display an error code on the screen. Simply search the error code in the user manual to see the most suitable solution.

Energy Efficiency A+++

With an energy efficiency class A+++, we not only save on energy consumption but also support a global cause with a more sustainable product.

Drum with snowflake design

The snowflake shaped drum design provides better cleaning results as well as caring for and protecting your favourite garments.


This program is perfect for a quick wash of 15 minutes saving time and reducing energy consumption.

Safety – Balance Control

Hisense Washing Machines are shielded with safety screws to prevent damage to the interior during transport.

Please be sure to remove these screws, once removed, cover the holes with the included 4 caps, it is important that you perform this step, as it provides the necessary fixation and control of the sway


Thanks to the smart programming of the washing machine you can easily set the completion time of the wash cycle according to your needs, allowing you to take advantage of more advantageous electric fees.


This washing machine, with a depth of only 460 mm, is perfect for homes where space is something to be considered as it allows for a more flexible installation.

High handle

The design of this Hisense washing machine makes it easy to use. With a 45 degree pull design, tilting to load or take out clothes is a thing of the past.


HISENSE WFVC6010E 6 KG Washing Machine

– Energy efficiency: E
– Size: 595x460x850 mm
– 15 automatic programmes
– Child lock
– Super fast washing function 15 minutes
– Deferred termination
– Self-diagnosis
– Intelligent control of drum unbalance
– Anti-foam sensor
– Temperature selection option
– Snowflake design drum
– LED display



Load Capacity

Maximum Spin Speed

Energy Rating