Candy CDI 1L38/T Built-In Dishwasher

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2 Years Warranty Parts & Labour

  • 13 Place settings
  • Number of programs: 5
  • Adjustable Upper Basket
  • End of cycle indicator
  • Energy efficiency: F
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 598 x 820 x 550 mm



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The Candy CDI 1L38 / T total integrated dishwasher has the best solutions to make the most of time and money while maintaining high washing quality: easy, fast and convenient.

Total integrated dishwasher Candy CDI 1L38 / T 60 cm – 13 place settings

Height without worktop (mm): 820
Product width (mm): 598
Depth (mm): 550
Height of the product in the package (mm): 896
Width of the product in the packaging (mm): 640
Height of the product in the packaging (mm): 676
Net weight (kg): 31.6
Gross weight (kg): 34

Efficiency and consumption
Energy efficiency class: F.
Sound emission class: D
Noise dB (A) – 1pW: 53
Energy consumption – 100 cycles: 103
Water consumption (cycle): 11.7

Programs and functions
Number of programs: 5
End of cycle indicator: Yes with an acoustic signal
Delayed departure: 3-6-9 hours
Cycle time [hh: mm]: 3:10

Perfect capacity
This dishwasher allows you to load up to 13 place settings.

Capacity: 13 P / S
Old energy efficiency class: A +
New energy efficiency class: F
Annual energy consumption: 295 kWh / year
Energy consumption per cycle: 1,039 kwh / cycle
Drying system: Condenser
Annual water consumption: 3360 ℓ
Water consumption per cycle: 12 ℓ
Noise level (dBA): 48 dBA

Number of programs: 5

Number of options: 5
Delayed start
Half load
Multi-in 1
Child Safety (key lock)

General features
Aqua stop
Tank material: STSS
Anti-flooding sensor
Number of washing arms: Medium / Low
Water filtration system (fresh water)
Cancel and download button

Net width: 598 mm
Net height: 815 mm
Net depth: 550 mm
Net weight: 39.0 kg
Gross width: 655 mm
Gross height: 875 mm
Gross depth: 645 mm
Gross weight: 45.0 kg

Power / Performance
Electric (Volt / Hertz / Amp): 220-240V / 50Hz / 8A
Heater Watt: 1800W
Circulation motor: 98W
Drain pump: 30W
Leveling screws: 50 mm

Easily load and safely wash cutlery
Third flexible basket

The third flexible basket located in the upper part of the dishwasher provides a dedicated space for small and light objects, such as cutlery and utensils, allowing them to be positioned safely and washed perfectly thanks to the powerful water jets.

Flexible space for large plates
Easy height adjustment

The internal space can be flexibly configured in height and allows the 5 cm upper basket to be raised or lowered quickly and with a single gesture. By making more space in the lower basket, you can load dishes of various shapes and sizes, including pots, serving plates and large plates.

Save time and money with partial loads
Partial load function

Now you no longer have to wait for the dishwasher to be full to operate it. The partial load function gives you greater flexibility and allows you to load only the lower area. This way you can save time and money with partial loads and with the satisfaction of always finding clean dishes at any time.

Hygienic rinse to remove bacteria
Hygiene function

The Hygiene function can be activated together with some programs to obtain maximum hygiene: in this way the final rinse is prolonged, while the water temperature is increased up to 70˚C, ensuring more effective washing and eliminating germs and bacteria. Dishes, cutlery and kitchen utensils will therefore be safe for any use.

Save time with the 60 minute wash and dry program
Express Wash Program (60 min.)

The 60-minute Express Wash program allows you to wash and dry dishes much faster. It is the ideal solution for small loads of partially soiled dishes that do not require intensive washing, such as cups, cutlery and dinner plates; the complete washing and drying cycle lasts only 60 minutes.

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Candy CDI 1L38/T Built-In Dishwasher

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