Samsung NV75A6649RS Wifi Dual Cook Flex Oven

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2 Years Warranty Parts & Labour:

  • Energy class: A+
  • Capacity: 75litres
  • Dual Cook Multifunction
  • Catalytic Cleaning
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Dimensions: W x H x D:  595 x 596 x 570 mm


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The Samsung NV75A6649RS multifunction oven with 75 l capacity belongs to the Dual Cook Flex ™ Series, ideal for cooking on multiple levels with even heat distribution. With the separator element you get two autonomous ovens that can also be used simultaneously.

Materials / Finishes
Multifunction: Dual Cook Flex
Finish: Stainless Steel
Door Type: Drop Down (Flexible Door)
Door: Double
Soft Closing Door: No
Display: 2.25 “MONO – LCD
Ceramic cooking compartment: Ceramic enamel
Electronic thermostat: Pop-up typing (with touch buttons)

Upper Grill (In / Out): 1600/1100 W
Lower grill: 1100 W
Single Mode (Superior + Convection): Yes
Single Mode (Large Grill): Yes
Single Mode (Eco Grill): Yes
Single Mode (Lower + Convection): Yes
Convection: 1200/1200 W
Cleaning method: Catalytic (1D)
Steam self-cleaning: Yes
Wi-Fi Connection: Yes
Cooking functions: Single 40ea / Dual Cook 10ea
Child Safety Lock: Yes
Clock: Yes
Timer: Yes
End Timer: Yes
Language (options): Yes
Internal lamps: 25 / 40W (Halogen)
Interior lamps (position): Top / side
Internal lamps (on / off): Yes

Weight / Size
Cooking compartment volume (L): 75
Cutout (WxHxD): 560x572x549 mm
External (WxHxD): 595x595x570mm
Shipping (WxHxD): 694x660x660mm
Loading Quantity: 72/162
Weight (Net): 42.4 kg
Weight (Gross): 46.8 kg

Drip pan in ceramic glaze 2ea
Square metal grill 1ea
Telescopic guides 1 level

Power / Performance
Power: 230V ~ 50Hz
Output power: 2950W
Energy efficiency class: A +
Single cavity selectable temperature (° C): 30 ~ 250 (Grid 100 ~ 270)
Upper / lower double cavity selectable temperature (° C): 40 ~ 250 ° C
Simultaneous double cavity selectable temperature (° C): 40 ~ 250 ° C

Integrated WiFi: Yes

App Connectivity
SmartThings App Support: Yes

An oven. More choice. More taste.
Take advantage of the greater versatility of your oven to cook more efficiently and give more flavor to your dishes. A hinged door and the Dual Cook system allow you to use the upper and lower zones at the same time with different settings. An LCD display allows you to cook intuitively. And SmartThings Cooking makes your cooking experience even smoother.

Cook more dishes much more efficiently.
Dual Cook Flex ™

You can easily and simultaneously use the upper and lower part of the oven with different temperatures and times, obtaining optimal cooking results for both without losing heat or hindering the cooking of the lower half. This way you can prepare different and tastier dishes efficiently.

A versatile door that opens in two ways.
Flexible door

The double door gives you maximum versatility to cook various dishes. Open the top half of the oven and cook smaller items on the top. Control cooking and season food more easily, with less heat loss. Or you can open the door completely and use the entire cavity of the oven when cooking many different foods.

You lose less heat by opening half the oven
Dual Cook with flexible door – Half load

Save time and energy when preparing smaller meals and dishes, such as frozen foods. The Dual Cook system allows you to cook much more efficiently using the upper half of the oven, with a 22% cut in preparation time and a nearly 18% reduction in energy consumption. And you don’t even have to struggle to bend down.

A way of cooking that is simply more intuitive
LCD display and simple UX

The information-rich and clearly understandable user guide of the LCD display makes cooking easier and more intuitive. You can start with the cooking mode and temperature you use most frequently. You can also save settings or hide modes you don’t use. And with My Assistant Cook, you will receive helpful alerts and tips.

Cooking with less effort, having fun
Voice control Control the oven with your voice. With a voice assistant *, like Samsung’s Bixby **, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Assistant ***, just tell the oven what you want him to do and he’ll obey. You can easily turn it off or on, select functions or change settings even if you’re doing something else.

Intelligent control from any position
Wi-Fi connectivity

Save time and do more with Wi-Fi connectivity. With the dedicated App you can monitor and control the oven at any time, wherever you are. You can preheat it or turn it off. You can also check and adjust the temperature and time or quickly select presets. And it even helps you fix mistakes!

Easy automatic cleaning
Catalytic cleaning

Save time and effort by avoiding scrubbing. The catalytic cleaning system allows you to always keep the oven clean in a very simple way. During cooking, the catalytic coating placed at the rear of the oven absorbs the grease from splashes and drops. In this way it cleans itself automatically, saving you from any effort or expensive cleaning products.

Easy cleaning of light dirt in the oven
Steam cleaning

Eliminates light dirt much easier. Compared to traditional oven cleaning, steam cleaning requires less time, energy and effort to remove splashes and drops. The steam generated allows the food residues to detach and then remove them with a cloth without rubbing, leaving the oven perfectly clean.

Cook more and bigger
Large capacity of 75 liters

Cook more and bigger thanks to the huge 75-liter oven capacity. You will have many other cooking possibilities. You can prepare many different recipes together, for example everything you need for a party. Or you can cook bulky foods, like a huge turkey for a family lunch.

Save costs thanks to high energy efficiency
Energy efficiency class A +

Increase the energy efficiency of your home by reducing your electricity bills. The Convection eco mode guarantees you exceptional A + energy efficiency even when you use the whole oven. In this way you save by consuming less energy, without sacrificing the convenience of a large and versatile oven.

Loading and unloading without any effort
Telescopic Guide

Insert and remove the trays much easier. The telescopic slide slides easily, allowing you to easily extract and insert even very bulky or heavy trays into the oven. This creates much less friction and it is easier to insert the containers and take them out. And you can turn and season foods without the risk of dropping something.

Power surge protection
Overvoltage protection

Power surges risk ruining the oven. The overvoltage protection function prevents electrical damage caused by unstable voltage. By detecting excessive voltage rise, the function automatically cuts off the power supply to prevent oven malfunction.

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Samsung NV75A6649RS Wifi Dual Cook Flex Oven

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