Even fresher foods

The BRB6000M is neatly installed with the cabinets in the kitchen.

Prevents the formation of frost by saving time and effort

No Frost

Avoid wasting time and energy defrosting the refrigerator. Total no frost technology optimizes air circulation to maintain a constant temperature that prevents ice formation. It also reaches the set temperature much faster, requiring less energy from the cooling system which therefore lasts longer.

No frost

Uniform cold everywhere

All Around Cooling

The security of adequate cooling – in every area of ​​the refrigerator. The All Around Cooling system guarantees uniform cold in every area of ​​the refrigerator. It constantly monitors the temperature and circulates cold air through strategically placed vents. This way each shelf is optimally cooled and the food stays fresher.

All Around Cooling

More interior space

SpaceMax ™ technology

The highly efficient insulation of SpaceMax ™ technology allows you to significantly reduce the thickness of the walls, creating more space for food storage, without unsightly external protrusions.

SpaceMax ™ technology

More space in the door

Flexible Design

Take advantage of all the versatility of the fridge door, to store more while wasting less space. The door is designed to allow you to easily adjust the position of up to 5 balconies according to your needs. So you can efficiently arrange and store a large variety of products of different sizes.

Flexible Design

Longer duration and lower consumption

Digital Inverter Compressor

Do you want more energy efficiency, less noise and longer lasting performance? The Digital Inverter compressor automatically adjusts its speed according to the need for cooling. So it’s quieter, consumes far less power, backed by a 10-year warranty *.

* The 10-year warranty is limited to the compressor only.
Easy Slide shelf (freezer)

Everything at your fingertips

Easy Slide shelf (freezer)

Taking something from the freezer often means making your way through a thousand obstacles, but thanks to the Easy Slide removable shelf you can now organize the space more effectively and immediately find everything you keep in the back or in the “blind” corners of the freezer.


BRB6000M's Install height 1775mm, width 540mm, total depth including door depth 550mm.Freezer total height 735mm, Floor to door height 671mm, freezer door height 621mm and the refrigerator section height 987mm. at the bottom and one at the top.The bottom 2 vents should be at least 200 square centimeters, and the top vent should be 500 * 40cm wide.The black arrow guides the heated air through two vents at the bottom and one vent at the top.Cabinet minimum width 555mm, minimum depth 560mm, minimum height 1778mm and the depth of the cabinet board is maximum 19mm.If the plug line is located at the top of the cabinet, the minimum cabinet depth should be 590mm (B). the plug line is located at the bottom when the socket is located above 240mm (D), the minimum cabinet depth should be 590mm (A).If the plug line is located at the bottom when the socket is located below 240mm (D), the minimum cabinet depth should be 580mm (C).