Samsung F-AR24NXT 24000BTU A++ Wind-Free™ Comfort Next WiFi Air Conditioner

Wind-Freeᵀᴹ cooling technology

Samsung introduced the market’s first wall-mounted air conditioner with Wind-Freeᵀᴹ technology in Europe in 2017. Air conditioners with Wind-Freeᵀᴹ technology follow a three-step cooling mode. In the first step, the temperature is lowered quickly in Fast Cooling mode. Second, it uses a dehumidifying feature to set the optimal level of humidity. Finally, when the desired temperature is reached, Wind-Free™ Cooling mode is activated to maintain those levels and provide an ideal level of comfort.

In Wind-Freeᵀᴹ Cooling mode, fresh air is dispersed gently and evenly through thousands of micro-holes, creating a “Still Air” condition. It allows people to live, work and relax comfortably without experiencing unpleasant cold drafts.

Key Specs:

  • 24000BTU
  • Gas R32
  • Energy Rating A++
  • Wifi
  • Sound level 19DB
  • Super Cooling
  • Smart Function
  • LED Display



Energy Rating