Robot vacuum cleaner VR10J5054UD with Visionary Mapping System, 0.6 ℓ

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  • Pet Hair Care
  • Speed: 30 cm / s
  • Silent: 70 dBA

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Product Features


Automatic mapping, intelligent navigationautomatic mapping, intelligent navigation

Thanks to Visionary Mapping ™ system with integrated digital camera and two CPU, the VR5000 robot vacuum cleaner creates a complete map of the house and identifies the optimal cleaning path.

The most effective solution for pet hairThe most effective solution for pet hair

The robot vacuum cleaner Samsung VR5000 collects effectively means the hair of pets with special Samsung patented configuration, which minimizes the risk of jamming of the brushes.

Control Point System ™ CleaningControl Point System ™ Cleaning

The Point Cleaning ™ control system allows you to bring the robot vacuum cleaner to clean the points: you simply need to aim the light in front of the VR5000 to make him follow the light beam and to clean along the way.

Always load automaticallyAlways load automatically

When the battery level is low, the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically goes to the appropriate location to recharge and, once the charging process, returns to the exact spot where he had halted operations and starts to clean up.

Silent modeSilent mode

Quiet Mode significantly reduces the noise of the vacuum cleaner, always ensuring excellent cleaning performance. The low noise level even allows you to talk on the phone, watch television or sit undisturbed while the robot is working.



Thanks to the convenient pre-loaded programs and the possibility of pianificarene activity, the robot VR5000 fulfills every wish or need to autonomously clean. You can select from 4 settings (Auto, Spot, Max and Manual) VR5000 and program robots to perform the single or daily schedule cleaning.
 Dimensions of VR10J5054UD / ET



  • Speed (m / sec) 0.3
  • Cleaning autonomy 90 min
  • Charging time 120 min
  • Aspiring force 40 W
  • Charger Max Power Consumption
    50 W
  • Noisiness 70 dBA



  • Battery Type Lithium Ion



  • Sensors Anti-collision, anti-entrapment, Anti-fall


General information

  • cleaning width 166 mm
  • color elements Airbon Blue White, Black and Blue Shyne
  • Car-Docking
  • Remote control
  • Button Type touch


Cleaning mode

  • Car
  • Manual
  • Weekly Scheduele
  • Max
  • Spot
  • Point Cleaning
  • Turbo
  • Sensor Dust
  • Silent


Dust collection

  • Typology bagless
  • Internal Capacity 0.6 ℓ



  • Side 2



  • Visionnary Mapping System
  • Power Cleaning Pet
  • Scheduling


  • Pre-Motor



  • Virtual Guard 1 EA
  • accessories Tool for cleaning, extra filter


Special Features

  • LED display Ice Blue LED Touch


Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 355 x 93 x 355 mm
  • Gross dimensions (WxHxD) 423 x 160 x 511 mm
  • weight unit 3.6 kg
  • Gross weight 6 kg